Garage Art: Ping Pong Tables

If you’ve ever been to a parade in Louisville, or are simply hanging out outside on Bardstown Road on a weekend, chances are you have probably seen the 21c Museum Hotel Red Pipped Limo or their mirrored Miata, Blind Spot – both of which were created by local painter and conceptual artist, Monica Mahoney.  When … Continued

Where Does My Food Come From?

Ever wonder where the food you are eating comes from? Here in Kentucky, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by so many incredible farmers who we can pull ingredients from for our kitchen.  Click over to our MENU page to check out a selection of our purveyors. Get to know how our ingredients are … Continued

A Pizza is Worth a Thousand Words

In this man’s opinion, pizza is worth a thousand words.  According to statistics it is worth 37 billion dollars a year in the United States.  It is said that the average American consumes around 23 pounds of pizza per year. I, never one to be average, like to think I consume more than that. Pizza is my absolute favorite … Continued

You Say Tomato…

    We recently came across this cool episode of The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC public radio in New York about our dear, dear friend the tomato.  We love a white pie as much as the next person, but can you imagine the pizza without the tomato? In the first part of a series … Continued